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SPAW Editor 2 Released 24

An anonymous reader writes "Solmetra has released a stable version of SPAW Editor PHP Edition version 2 — one of the best web-based open source WYSIWYG editors on the market. Version 2 adds tabbed multi-document interface, floating/shared toolbars, a resize-able editing area, Opera support, and many other exciting new features. One of the most exciting news in version 2 is its modular architecture allowing for virtually unlimited possibilities in extending core functionality."
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SPAW Editor 2 Released

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  • Re:Slashvertisment (Score:3, Informative)

    by creimer ( 824291 ) on Saturday January 13, 2007 @05:20PM (#17595312) Homepage
    SPAW Editor v.2 is a web based in-browser WYSIWYG HTML editor control. It is a replacement for standard HTML textarea fields for rich text content editing.

    It's not a stand alone editor for writing PHP files. That's why you might not have heard of it.
  • TinyMCE (Score:5, Informative)

    by Nycto ( 138650 ) on Saturday January 13, 2007 @05:25PM (#17595390) Homepage
    I've been using TinyMCE [] for about a year now and haven't found anything better. For anyone looking to integrate a WYSIWYG editor in to their site, it is the route I recommend; Certainly over this product.
  • Confused? (Score:4, Informative)

    by Aladrin ( 926209 ) on Saturday January 13, 2007 @05:59PM (#17595760)
    Either this company is confused, or I have lost the ability to read English. paw/en_spaw_purchase []

    "Unlimited" to "Enterprise" license
    EUR 100,-
    For unlimited use in projects and applications you own or develop. Includes all updates to versions 2.x and downgrade right to version 1.x.

    "Single server/application" to "Enterprise" license
    EUR 175,-
    For unlimited use in projects and applications you own or develop. Includes all updates to versions 2.x and downgrade right to version 1.x. Applicable for upgrades from single server/application license for SPAW Editor 1.x and 2.x

    Unless I'm reading that wrong, you can buy the full 'unlimited' version for 100 euros. Or you can upgrade from the single server version to the unlimited version for 175 euros.

    WTF? Hard to trust a company that can't even price their own products.
  • Re:TinyMCE (Score:2, Informative)

    by aitan ( 948581 ) on Sunday January 14, 2007 @03:33AM (#17600440)

    Another nice editor is FCKeditor []. At least for me it worked better than all the rest that I had to test and it was all of it available under the LGPL. If I remember properly, some parts (plugins) for TinyMCE were only under a commercial license.

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