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Sun's JRuby Team Jumps Ship To Engine Yard 77

itwbennett writes "'To be honest, we had no evidence that Oracle wouldn't support JRuby, but we also didn't have any evidence that they would,' said Charles Nutter, explaining why Sun's entire 3-member JRuby team will be leaving the company to work for application hosting company Engine Yard. Nutter called getting hired by Sun about two-and-a-half years ago and being given the chance to work full time on JRuby a 'dream come true.' And said that the decision to leave Sun came down to making sure 'JRuby will get to the next level.'"
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Sun's JRuby Team Jumps Ship To Engine Yard

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  • by Anonymous Coward

    Some will prosper with Larry,
    Some will die with Larry,
    Some will jump from Larry,
    Some will be pushed by Larry.

    The one thing that won't happen is the question not getting asked, and it will be "are you good/viable/strategic(insert favourite acronym here) for Oracle, not are you good for Sun".
    they won't die wondering !

  • by tcopeland ( 32225 ) <tom@thomasleecop ... RGcom minus poet> on Tuesday July 28, 2009 @09:30PM (#28861331) Homepage that now EngineYard has full-time folks working on Rubinious, JRuby, and Ruby 1.8.6. It's Ruby implementation central over there.

    • I know, and it bugs me. Jayson is a genius but somehow managed to recognize the clear superiority of Python.

      / done flamesuit

      // Hi, Jayson!

  • If it's called Ruby on Rails, and this company is EngineYard, are they going to make program trains?!
  • by icepick72 ( 834363 ) on Tuesday July 28, 2009 @10:08PM (#28861551)
    ... the ramblings of a guy named Nutter.
  • "Will we be employed by Oracle when we reach the age of retirement?"
    "Don't count on it."
    "Will we be employed by Oracle when we reach middle age?"
    "Seems doubtful."
    "Will we be employed by Oracle at the end of the day?"

  • by Jim Hall ( 2985 ) on Wednesday July 29, 2009 @07:45AM (#28864365) Homepage

    I used to work with Charlie Nutter and Tom Enebo years ago, when we worked on the same Web team. And I was thrilled to hear when they moved to Sun, really was the best deal you could imagine. Note that JRuby wasn't actually bought by Sun, but remained a separate project, only the developers were paid by Sun to work on JRuby. So I wish them the best as they move to their new digs.

    Good luck, guys!

  • Good to know there are smart people out there. SUN went downhill a number of years ago when McNealy was still jaw flapping about how badly Microsoft sucked and how the network was the computer and we'd make the world a better place. Then CPU failures helped crash a few thousand businesses...the dotcom bust came and well the rest is over $300,000 in 2002 money stock options down the tubes. Oracle should have let SUN squander and then bought up the pieces at a garage sale. Good to see these guys jump ship a
  • Nobody was working on the jruby package, so it's getting cut from Fedora 12. Anybody at EngineYard want to pick up the ball?

(null cookie; hope that's ok)