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App Inventor Continues Life at MIT 23

An anonymous reader writes with a press release on the App Inventor Weblog. From the release: "MIT announced the launch of the new Center for Mobile Learning, with a first activity being to take over and refine App Inventor for Android. The center will be led by App Inventor mastermind Hal Abelson, Mitch Resnick of Lego Mindstorms and Scratch fame, and Eric Klopfer, the director of teacher education at MIT and an expert in games and simulation. This news boomerangs the negativity surrounding Google's discontinuation announcement last week. To the many teachers whose curriculums have been energized by App inventor, and to the thousands of newly empowered app builders: Rejoice! The fun has just begun!" Personally I see this as a great thing. By axing App Inventor as a Google Project and releasing the source there is finally a real world example of using Scheme to write Android applications that others can inspect.
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App Inventor Continues Life at MIT

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  • by notKevinJohn ( 2218940 ) on Tuesday August 16, 2011 @05:09PM (#37111980)
    I used to teach a Lego Mindstorm based after-school program. If this guy can make a GUI on top of LabView that is easy enough for 4rth graders to master, I can't wait to see what he does with the Android SDK/ App Inventor.
    • It would be nice to see.

      As long as such a GUI selectively reveals to the user, what the logic of programming is actually like.

  • And i approve of this message.

  • "... there is finally a real world example of using Scheme to write Android applications that others can inspect." You mean as long as there aren't any 10-deep or more nested expressions in the code or you've messed around with .emacs files a lot. Otherwise, Scheme becomes rather un-inspectable. I'm having some disturbing flashbacks from my undergrad days as I write this.
    • by Anonymous Coward
      Like whoa dude... If you use a lisp-aware editor even the gnarliest procedures are as clear as the North Carolina surf.
      • And I'm guessing you fall into the latter half of that sentence, or something of the sort? Scheme's problem isn't just parenthesis spam - it's all cars, cdrs, and all that other fun procedural stuff within the parenthesis spam that makes the "Learning" part of this all the more difficult.
  • Didn't the "discontinuation" announcement specifically say that they were simply stopping it being a Google branded thing and open sourcing it? Not only that, but they also said they had plans to continue developing it. They were just killing the Google branded part. It was never going away in the first place.
    • It's news because the original story detailing that Google would not be supporting this software once again gave the shills and google haters something to crow about. google is abandoning teachers, google is abandoning disadvantaged people, and women, ad nauseum. I don't feel like dragging up the link to the original Slashdot story about this but it was some professor somewhere who literally said those things. It was ridiculous. And of course everyone with an axe to grind chimed in. I think in the face of t
  • At least this exercise taught us one thing: The wrong way to transition a product to open source. Google should have made this announcement and the prior "cancellation" announcement one single communication. Instead, they freaked out their community and received a bunch of negative reaction. All the time, they were doing the exact thing we always hope companies will do: release a proprietary product as open source.

  • >curriculums


    "People called Romans they go the 'ouse?!"


  • what exactly are they going to teach? That software development and programming is as easy as dragging widgets on a screen and that you really dont need to know how to write code or even understand how everything works?

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