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Oracle v. Google Trial On Indefinite Hold 66

symbolset writes "The trial in which Oracle is suing Google over Android has been put on indefinite hold by the trial judge, until Oracle comes up with a credible methodology for figuring alleged damages. The trial was planned to start on or after March 19."
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Oracle v. Google Trial On Indefinite Hold

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  • by turkeyfish ( 950384 ) on Friday January 13, 2012 @04:32PM (#38691038)

    Now that their primary purpose for buying Sun's Java technology is no longer useful to them, ie leveraging Java as a way of extorting profits, will Ellison abandon Java? Both are costing him a lot of money without material benefit. At some point will he give up the ghost and just abandon the whole thing or will he keep pumping money into it, hoping against hope to hit pay dirt?

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