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Open Source Anniversaries: 6 Years of Go, 11 of Firefox (golang.org) 65

digitalPhant0m writes: Six years ago today the Go language was released as an open source project. Since then, more than 780 contributors have made over 30,000 commits to the project's 22 repositories. The ecosystem continues to grow, with GitHub reporting more than 90,000 Go repositories. And, offline, we see new Go events and user groups pop up around the world with regularity And Opensource.com notes that Mozilla Firefox has just hit 11 years of age, too.
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Open Source Anniversaries: 6 Years of Go, 11 of Firefox

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  • When Firefox was the hot new thing, it was mindbogglingly awesome. I remember just how happy I was when I first installed it (I think 2004?) and realized it was about twice as fast as Internet Explorer 6. I just about shit myself when I first installed Adblock Plus and saw it skip video ads.

    Dark times followed. I think the manufactured outrage over Brandon Eich was the shark that Mozilla jumped over. After that, our fast, secure, modular, FLOSS browser became a shitheap and is now inferior in just about
    • I'm pretty sure Firefox 4.0 was the point most of us started seriously panicking about the direction of Firefox, which was some years ago. That was the browser that suddenly kept needing gigabytes of memory, had the first Chrome-inspired UI, and the first enforced updates. It's never been the same each.

      Eich? I was going to use Firefox regardless of whether Eich stayed or not. It's ironic how many people seemed to feel that it was an outrage that people might stop using Firefox over Eich's poor handling o

      • Eich's resignation was the turning point. I don't know what influence he had behind the doors of Mozilla (perhaps it's just a coincidence that his resignation is when everything started falling apart), but after his departure is when the Mozilla board decided to monetize Firefox with Pocket and integrated spyware advertisements.
    • by Anonymous Coward

      And yet, when Mozilla tries to get back on track with Servo, e10s and a new add-on API to make it secure once more, they get nothing but sh*t from devs. There is no winning for them, only whining from the likes of you.

      • Until Mozilla decides to rip out Pocket and the ads that read your browsing history, there's nothing they can do to win me back, thanks. The lack of x86_64 build for Windows, telemetry and Bing by default, the stupid shit they can't stop adding ("Hello" for starters), memory leaks and RAM gobbling are all tertiary problems in comparison.
      • by jez9999 ( 618189 )

        When they rip out core technologies that devs have been working with and spending time on for years like XUL and XPCOM, damn straight they get shit from devs. And they deserve it, and for their product to wither and die.

    • by KGIII ( 973947 )

      Once upon a time, I donated enough money so that Firefox put my name (and the name of others) in a newspaper ad - a full page. I thought then, "That's a waste. Why did I donate?" Opera was getting a bit buggy at the time and bloated. I used Firefox for a while. Opera rewrote their browser, based on Chromium I guess, and it's actually pretty good so, for a while now, I only use Firefox long enough to download Opera - unless I just add the repo and do it that way. I usually stick to the beta builds, they're s

  • by Omega Hacker ( 6676 ) <omega@omegac s . n et> on Tuesday November 10, 2015 @02:39PM (#50902901)
    Might as well throw this out there too: GStreamer's first release was 16 years ago on Halloween - 0.1.0 "gscreamer".
  • by wardrich86 ( 4092007 ) on Tuesday November 10, 2015 @02:49PM (#50902985)
    Weren't Firefox's precursors also open-source? This would make it the (roughly) 17th anniversary for them.
    • by eWarz ( 610883 )
      Phoenix is predated by the original Mozilla Application Suite, which was a huge monstrosity of a browser, email/newsgroup client, and others. It was slow, used a ton of memory, and was buggy. According to Wikipedia it was founded in 1998, which makes sense since I remember using it somewhere around the end of the 90s or early 2000s. That being said, that would make Mozilla 17 years old, not 13 as you mentioned.
  • by Anonymous Coward


  • I was using Firefox as my primary browser since 0.7, which is about 12.5 - 13 years ago.

    Damn, that makes me old.

    • by eWarz ( 610883 )
      I've been using it since it was first released...Phoenix I believe it was. Revolutionary for the time. Chrome has since superseded it in both speed and reliability. I quit using Firefox after getting tired of pages crashing the browser. It's probably gotten better since, but my life now revolves around Google Chrome.

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