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Video Write the Docs Helps Create FLOSS Software Documentation (Video #2) 14

Say hello once again to David Smatlak, who works with Write the Docs -- a group that started some years back as Read the Docs.They have conferences in the U.S.and Europe, and Meetups in over a dozen cities. We ran a conversation with David Wednesday, but couldn't fit all he had to say into one video, so here he is again, with additional info that tags onto Wednesday's video.

Timothy Lord for Slashdot: Now I asked you before a little bit about how somebody could get involved if they wanted to take part in helping to write docs. What about the other way, what is the is there a push mechanism or I guess this may be a pull, if somebody has a software project and says, I want my documentation to be better but it is not my expertise, can they contact Write the Docs and say, have at?

David: I think yeah, definitely they could do that. The community is very active on Twitter, very active on GitHub and so you could post your GitHub repo and say, hey I need some help, anybody interested, or go to our websites writethedocs.org readthedocs.org and again the meetups, especially if you are in a city that has a meetup, check out their page and talk to the organizer, he might even be able to set up a day or a meetup where you come in and do a hack day for somebody who brings in their projects and needs help with it.

Slashdot: Is there anything that you found in working on documentation for different projects, any advice you have for people who are actually writing the apps in the first place.

David: Writing the apps? I would say get people involved early, get a writer involved early, if you can find someone or post it out online, find someone that is interested in helping, it is always good to have different perspectives.

Slashdot: And to be clear, this is an entirely voluntary effort, is that right?

David: Yes, it is voluntary. So the meetups are all run by someone in __ city most of us are just enthusiastic participants for Write the Docs. It is just something we believe in and it has been a lot of fun, and it is a great way to grow your own career as well, and learn new things and meet new people. It is a great community.

Slashdot: Speaking of it, Dave how did you get involved with this? What was your path to actually taking part as a volunteer?

David: A friend told me about it. And I ended up going to the conference two years ago, and just kind of sat back and watched but this year, I got much more involved, started my own meetup for the group in Seattle and just started getting the act together, ___ people talking people and just getting out there.

Slashdot: Is there a particular project that you work most on actually improving the documentation?

David: Right now, there is not I am trying to find something, I want to get more involved, but right now I am just trying to learn, trying to meet more people, and really trying to promote Write the Docs wherever as I can as it is just something I really believe in. I think it is a great thing.

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Write the Docs Helps Create FLOSS Software Documentation (Video #2)

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