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Ruby Programming

Ruby 2.3.0 Released ( 45

An anonymous reader writes: Ruby developers have announced the official release of Ruby 2.3.0. This release introduces a frozen string literal pragma, which is "a new magic comment and command line option to freeze all string literals in the source files." It also adds a safe navigation operator &. similar to what exists in C#, Groovy, and Swift. Ruby 2.3.0 also has many performance improvements. For more details, see the news file and the full changelog.
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Ruby 2.3.0 Released

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  • by Anonymous Coward

    Anybody else seeing a weird mangled title bar on this submission?

    • by Anonymous Coward

      Confirmed - there appears to be an unnecessary line break or line wrapping going on.

  • similar to what exists in C#, Groovy, and Swift

    So now it's more like the other languages that I don't like! ;)

    Ruby: consolidate your hate!

  • by Anonymous Coward

    And it was awesome at the time. I still have a pile of one liners. But time matched on.
    Along came ruby. Chef, puppet, and cli but then came Rails to confuse most people into thinking ruby == rails. F*ck!
    Syntactically, ruby is the best language ever. It sucks to see it de-meaned.
    Its influence on c++/Python specially, where I spent years messing with template types, wishing for closures/Procs, is greatly appreciated. Now we have auto,decl,closures. So I take a deep bow to a Ruby.
    Wow, golang but wait c++ can

  • Haters gonna hate.
    I work with Ruby everyday, and it feels fun everyday.
    Thanks for the hard work!

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